Beibehang Cachoeira de água estrada de pedra personalizado piso ou papel de parede Macia telha de assoalho impermeável papel de parede para banheiro 3d chão mural

€25.44 €15.27

Etiquetas: andar mural, 3d wallpaper cachoeira, 3d, casa de banho papel de parede, 3d chão mural cachoeira, himalaya ladrilhos, muble ladrilhos, líquido de telhas de assoalho, pavimento mosaicos de pavimento, mosaicos de ladrilhos, esqueleto de telhas de assoalho.

SKU : s554 Categoria:Pintura Fornecimento E Tratamentos De Parede

  • Tratamento De Superfície: Esfoliante
  • Padrão: Paisagem
  • Utilização: Comércio
  • Certificação: NENHUM
  • Origem: CN(Origem)
  • Material: EPP
  • Tipo: Papéis De Parede De Vinil
  • Função: Isolamento Térmico
  • Papel De Parede De Vinil Tipo De: Papel Papéis De Parede De Vinil
  • Unidade De Carga: Yuan Chinês/Roll
  • Recurso: O formaldeído livre
  • Número Do Modelo: 1 Metro quadrado
  • Nome Da Marca: beibehang
  • Estilo: Europa

Buyers must-read:

mural wallpaper price: $ / square meter.Not rolls.

1 s quare meter = 1pcs. 2 s quare meter =2pcs. 3 s quare meter =3pcs ...Width x length = square meters = Order Quantity Note: Please be careful to order 1m2. Because a very small size We have 12 fixed size order.Buyer order different quantity.Buyer will receive the corresponding size Quantity: 1 = 1 s quare meter = 140cm (L) x 70cm (W) (4'3 "x 2'3") ft Quantity: 2 = 2 s quare meter = 200cm (L) x 100cm (W) (6'5 "x 3'2") ft Quantity: 3 = 3 s quare meter = 208cm (L) x 146cm (W) (6'8 "x 4'8") ft Quantity: 4 = 4 s quare meter = 200cm (L) x 200cm (W) (6'5 '' x 6'5 '') ft Quantity: 5 = 5 s quare meter = 250cm (L) x 200cm (W) (7'6 '' x6'5 '') ft Quantity: 6 = 6 s quare meter = 300cm (L) x 200cm (W) (9'8 '' x 6'5 '') ft Quantity: 7 =7 s quare meter = 300cm (L) x 250cm (W) (9'8 "x 8'2") ft Quantity: 8 =8 s quare meter = 400cm (L) x 200cm (W) (13'6 "x 6'5") ft Quantity: 9 =9 s quare meter = 350cm (L) x 260cm (W) (11'4 "x 8'7") ft Quantity: 10 = 10 s quare meter = 360cm (L) x 280cm (W) (11'8 "x 9'2") ft Quantity: 12 =12 s quare meter = 400cm (L) x 300cm (W) (13'6 "x 9'8") ft Quantity: 16 =16 s quare meter = 500cm (L) x 320cm (W) (16'4 "x 10'5") ft

Other size . (width and length) .please tell us.We will give you calculate the correct order quantity and price FAQ: buyers ordered to leave.No size information.what to do?We will wait for buyers 24 hours.We will send corresponding default 12 fixed size.FAQ:How to order other sizes?Order other Size steps: 1: Select the correct quantity = square meter (width x length) 2: Buy Now. 3: Fill in details .In the order number inside, write your size information 4: Submit your order .Payments .on OK Width x length= square meters (square feet) 1 square meter=10.76 square feet tip:If the feet (inches) Give me information I will give you calculate the correct order quantity For example : You need to wall :length = 2.8m width = 1.7m.. 2.8m x 1.7m = 4.76m2 rounding .You need to order Quantity: 5 FAQ: What this wallpaper?This is the photo wallpaper.Mural wallpaper.wall mural.Not wallpaper rolls.Not a poster.Not wall stickers.FAQ: How do I know the size of the photo wallpaper?This is a custom wallpaper.Not 10m L and 0.53m W wallpaper rolls FAQ: How to paste this wallpaper?Paste it.With the same wallpaper rolls.It needs adhesive paste FAQ: How to Order size of the main picture?You need to wall size.Width and height.Please tell us information FAQ: Any size is the overall pattern?Yes.FAQ: About color deviation Real product photos will show a little color deviation.Accept friend.Please direct purchase

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